RAD Oh shucks! Meter


An expedient SAFE/NOT SAFE rad monitor for nuclear bomb fallout.  This meter is good for 2-4 years, 10+ years if frozen when not in use.

As long as the dot stays yellow during attack, you are safe.

If dot changes color during attack, seek shelter for 2 or 3 days in a basement or behind thick walls.

Keep the dot out of sunlight.

Do you know of others who will benefit from the RAD Oh shucks! Meter? Provide them with their own meter. Buy multiple RAD Oh shucks! Meter and take your discount based on the table below.
Title Range Discount
Discount Price For 2-5 2 - 5 $32.99
Discount Price For 6-10 6 - 10 $31.99
Discount Price For 11-50 11 - 50 $29.99
Discount Price For 51-200 51 - 200 $26.99
Discount Price For 201-500 201 - 500 $24.99
Discount Price For More Than 500 501 + $19.99



In a radiological incident, such as a dirty bomb explosion, accident at nuclear power plant such as that at Chernobyl, Ukraine and Fukushima, Japan and nuclear bomb explosion, one of the first thing one needs is a dosimeter. RADTriage is the ONLY “seeing-is-believing” citizen’s emergency dosimeter that:

Monitors medically significant dose from 50 mSv (tolerable and yearly allowed dose, a CT scan can be as high as 50 mSv) to 10,000 mSv (a lethal dose). In emergency you need to monitor medically significant dose to minimize panic, worry and disruption of our lives and to triage radiation exposure for medical treatment. All other dosimeters are over sensitive and can cause more panic and worry. Public and government can afford to purchase and stockpile RADTriage. RADTriage costs a penny a day compared to nearly dollar a day for other dosimeters ($10-$20 for RADTriage to hundreds of dollars for other dosimeters, e.g., $200-$300 for a bio-dosimetry).

100,000 RADTriage can be stockpiled in a cubic meter of a freezer for decades and distributed to public in shortest time. Other dosimeters are bulky and expensive.

Other dosimeters require readers and/or software which may not be available after a few years. One needs only a pair of eyes to read the RADTriage. RADTriage is instantly color developing, self-indicating, user friendly, wearable, light weight (a few grams) failproof (no moving, no electronic or needs no battery, reader, maintenance or software), unaffected by ambient conditions, always ready 24/7, practically non-destructible, tamper resistant and tamper evident. Revolutionary RADTriage50 is an internationally independently tested and field proven technology for two decades,

Caution: for safe and accurate operation, see detailed instructions included. Radmonitors.com and it’s affiliates are not liable for the injury of its products users. This product only functions under proper usage and conditions, read instructions carefully. Do not store in damp or moist area. Do not store over or near open flame or heat source. See enclosed manufacturers warnings for each product. Silica beads included in this pack can cause harm or death if take internally. Please seek medical attention if ingested.